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photo of Sebastian Ortiz

Sebastian Ortiz

Sebastian is a bilingual digital marketing specialist, based in Vancouver British Columbia.


A recent graduate from the marketing program at the University of British Columbia, Sauder School of Busines.

Sebastian has worked and volunteered in different countries due to his ability to speak both English and Spanish fluently. Furthermore being fluent in English facilitated Sebastian’s education in Canada. Life in Vancouver inspired Sebastian to work with Social Entrepreneurs and B Corporations in order to contribute to impact-driven projects.

Originally from Mexico, he has always had a passion for working on projects to solve problems in developing countries. By volunteering in Kenya with the Kule Foundation he decided to work on projects finding solutions for social problems.

A photo of volunteering trip with KULE Foundation

Building a house with KULE foundation. (2012)

His past experience includes the Education industry with Beat Your Course in Vancouver, as well as the Telecom industry with an internship in AT&T Mexico helping on the design of the first flagship store in Latin America.

Working with AT&T fueled his interest to work with technology to provide solutions to the problems faced by developing countries and linking two of his passions together.

As a bilingual digital marketing specialist provide help with clients in and outside of Canda as well as help with marketing plans outside fo the digital area.

Food has always been a big aspect of Sebastian’s life this is why he wants to contribute to the efforts to find solutions for food scarcity problems in the world and help people eat better quality food.

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